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If there is a problem with water quality or supply, a notice will be posted and copies of information about the problem will be put in a stand like this:

Emergency information will be included in the notice.

The notice will tell you what the problem is, what is being done about it, what the water use restrictions are, and where you can get more information or updates.

The stand will be located near the mailbox or near the entry of the developments.

In the performance of regular maintenance, water quality can be be changed. . For example, when the lines are flushed, there may be sediment in the water coming to the users. A notice will be posted about maintenance so the users are aware of these possible changes..

Call the Water Master with concerns about the Gran Mutual’s activities or water quality.

Both the Butte County Health Department and the Watermaster decide what to do in the event of an emergency.

The Gran Mutual web site will NOT have the latest information about emergency notices, look for the stands.

In some emergencies, Gran Mutual’s Water Master may place a notice on user’s front door in addition to posting the notice in the stands..

Emergency 24/7 Call:

For Water System Operational Emergency Assistance Call:
Water System Operator: Mike Butler  530-680-7079 sierrawaterutility@gmail.com