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At the tank site, referred to as site 2, stand two tanks. One is the older 85,000 gallon tank and one is the new 110,000 gallon tank. Well water from site 2 can be clorinated using the clorine injection system at this site. This is done if there is a concern about water safety, but not as a routine practice.

At the first well site, site 1, the pipes connect to the system with clorination.

Gravity provides pressure for the Spanish Gardens and Skansen. In Rocky Bluffs, booster pumps are used to provide pressure for Rocky Bluffs.

Gran Mutual has an automatic monitoring system, or SCADA system, to read well and tank water levels, pump activity, booster station activity, electric usage and similar items over time. This goes on 24/7 and a message is phoned to the operator if anything is unusual.

Since we have upgraded the water system, Gran Mutual is now capable of delivering 700 gallons per minute from the hydrants. This is a continuous production rate non stop 24/7. Gran Mutual is also capable of delivering a surge rate of 1500 gallons per minute for up to 4 hours before dropping to the 700 gallons per minute continuous production rate.

Our minimum fire flow delivery requirement is 500 gallons per minute for 2 hours.

The old system, if the tanks were completely full, was capable of delivering 500 gallons per minute for less than 12 hours at which point the water storage tanks would be empty. During the Butte Creek Fire the fire fighting efforts were quickly overtaking the old system’s delivery rate. Fortunately, the new well was available, and its use allowed the fire engines to pump all the water they needed.

Contact the operator for more details about connections, location of pipes, and other details which cannot be found on this web site.
Tank inspection report – 2006 report on 85,000 gal. tank which will remain with the system, includes pictures.
Drawing of tank area – from the permit application