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About Landscape Irrigation Water:

Please remember that PG&E charges Gran Mutual Water Company the highest rates during the peak time hours. In the summer, Gran Mutual Water Company (ie our members)  pays thousands of dollars per month for electricity to pump water. With the highest use of water for irrigation in the summer, it can really pay off if the members set an off peak time for landscape irrigation.

The Board is asking all the water users to time their use of water for landscape irrigation during partial peak or off peak periods. Off peak hours are from 9:00 pm to 8:00 am.  

Member cooperation will help the Board prevent a rate increase. Tell your landscaper or whoever sets the irrigation timing about this request.

Thank you for your cooperation in this effort.

The Board of Directors Report:

The all-volunteer Board of Directors for the Gran Mutual Water Company meets once a month to discuss administration of the water system. This meeting is open to members of Gran Mutual Water Company.

The Gran Mutual Board of Directors has established a policy for delinquent payments. Please read and understand this policy.

As of December 2007, the Board completed the major items in 2006-07 Improvement Project and reports that Gran Mutual Water Company has a new well, a new water storage tank, a backup electricity generator, and a chlorinating system. This includes the related pipes, yard improvements, and a fire hydrant.

As of November 2008, Gran Mutual Water Company completely restored the old well with new casing and pumps and this well has passed water quality tests. The water system has a new building at the old well site. The old well site now has a backup electricity generator and new controls.

Gran Mutual Water Company’s wells, tanks, and booster stations have a monitoring and warning system. This system reads the water levels, flow rates, and monitors equipment operation. If tank levels are too low, or there is a equipment malfunction, an automatic message is generated and sent to a the system operator. Additions to this system are being made. It will be set up so that there will be monitoring and control for all the new equipment

More new hydrants are planned. Water usage meters are being installed as new users come on or by request.

The Board of Directors values the input from members about problems or issues with the Gran Mutual Water Company water service. For most business matters, correspondence by mail is preferred. The Watermaster is available at all times if there is an emergency.