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Gran Mutual Water Company’s supply of water comes from two deep wells in the service area. Information about the original and new wells can be found by following the link “Source of Water.” To see a PDF file of maps and drawings for the Gran Mutual Water Company’s system, click on the link “Maps and Drawings.”

The storage and distribution system utilizes two storage tanks, three booster pumps, and a system of pipes and valves which deliver the water to users. There is also a system of water hydrants to provide water for fire protection. Click on the “Storage and Distribution” link to learn more about this system.

North Star Engineering provided the Board of Directors with an Engineer’s Report in 2004 and another Engineering Report in 2007. The purpose of this report was to evaluate the system.

Inspection Reports are from the Butte County Health Deptment which enforces the clean water laws. The older inspection reports show the many problems with the system before the imporvements. The 2010 Inspection Report shows that all the major problems have been fixed and the system has good capacity and an excellent record of performance.

There can be a problem with water quality if there is contamination from some source.. The indicator that the Dept. of Health uses is a measure for contaminations is a test of bacteria. Experience has shown one type of bacteria, coliform bacteria, is known to be associated with disease causing organisms. When there is a possitive test result for coliform bacteria, the water company will follow the “total coliform rule.” This rule determines the best treatment with disinfectants. There will be continued testing for coliform until the system is clean.. The treatment is under the control of the Butte County Health Department.

Most water systems chlorinate in order to protect users from any pathogens. By maintaining a small chlorine residual in the water, the water is safe to drink. When the source is deep wells, which is Gran Mutual’s water source, chlorine disinfection is not required.

The Gran Mutual wells are each equipped with chlorination equipment to be used in the disimfection of water when there is servicing or contamination. A notice is posted so users will know when this is happening.

Inspection Report 2005

Inspection Report 2007

Inpection Report 2010

Appendix to Engineering’s Report on Water System