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The Tuscan aquifer feeds Gran Mutual’s two wells. There are water bearing zones between 300 and 600 feet below ground level.

Each well has a 300 gal/minute pump to deliver water to the system. The original well is located near the middle of the service area. A second well is located at the tank site, which is on the east side of the service area.

The Tuscan aquifer is at risk of being exported and used to develop other areas. This brings up the question of groundwater depletion, which has happened in other areas where the source was over-used.

In November 2013, a meeting about the Tuscan Aquifer explained recent findings and current research. Here are some news articles and materials from the meeting.

Tuscan Aquifer Report Summary ———- Tuscan Aquifer News

Aqualliance – area water information and protection organization.