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Fee Information:

The Board of Directors has established a fee schedule. See the link in the POLICIES section of the main navigation bar for the latest rate information. The Gran Mutual Water Company includes a water meter installation charge in the fee schedule. This has been effective since the start of 2012. The fee is for meter installation and depends on the pipe diameter servicing the property. The water meter installation fee will be withheld in escrow. This fee is to comply with Assembly Bill 54, date July 11, 2012, requiring water meters.

When a property within Gran Mutual’s service area is sold, there is a Real Estate Transfer Fee collected.

When there is a new connection to Gran Mutual Water Company, or when there is a reconnedtion of property that was shut off due to lack of payment, there is a Water Hook Up fee.

There is also a policy on late fees. This is also available by clicking the link in the POLICIES section of the main navigation.

Changing the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws:

At the January 26, 2011 membership annual meeting, the new Bylaws were approved. At the March 17, 2011 Board meeting, Gran Mutual records show the Bylaws were adopted.

At the same annual meeting, the Articles of Incorporation was revised so that Article V was removed. The link here is to the original GMArticles.pdf with Article V, but Article 5 has been removed in the records.

Article 5 says three of the original individuals who owned the property and built the first Gran Mutual system (Gilbert Alm, Thomas DuFore, and Richard Horton.) were the Board of Directors. Other than dropping Article 5, the Articles of Incorporation have not changed.

The new Bylaws include detailed provisions for nominations for Board of Director members. See Upcoming Events for more information.

Directors are elected each year. The number and duties of the Board of Directors are discussed in the Bylaws.

More Policy:

Policy on financial responsibility:
The owner of the property also owns the share in Gran Mutual, and will be the one directly responsible for payments. This means the Gran Mutual will not bill the resident if they rent, the owner is still responsible for payment.

Gran Mutual has a Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Policy in place which has regular annual reviews.